Sunday, November 1, 2009


Its Sunday (so fast) and tomorrow is Monday and i am having the Monday blues now on a Sunday. Too early? The thought of going back to work and type those documents are a bit boring (sit at my place whole day look at the computer and type) but i don't really do that, i think my job is more to picking up phone calls and all. Sometimes i do, do typing for my boss and some aunty who doesn't know how to use a computer but said she has a super "chunted" computer from America that seems to be able to do everything (which she is using)

Yea guess i am back to work tomorrow like it a not, but i will be going back to my university first. Need to get something done from the student service office. Oh and since it is November, i think is about time i seriously study for my clinical years.

Oh and another picture i took when i was in Europe. The place is the same as mention in the last post but a different view. Enjoy

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