Monday, November 16, 2009


Ok i am not mad so i don't need to see a psychologist. Generally i think is time i do some complaining or ranting of my own just for the fun of it. Not like if i don't rant i will die but i just wanna make my blog more interesting. You know some "Drama" like all those stories i've watched on TV and heard somewhere out there which is almost comparable to the soap drama on TV. And in a Drama some people need to rant or complain a bit or maybe B*tch a bit hehehe.

Ok first, i shall rant about my offer letter (the main thing i am complaining about). I will keep it short.

1. Before i go UK got an email asking us to apply for their Uni. So i did and i told them i am going to UK for like a month. They panic and said the offer letter will come like very Fast and Furiously. I panic, faeces(a polite way of saying Sh*t) what if i miss the deadline. In the end i dunno how we sort it out and i left for UK.

2. Came back from UK offer letter not here yet, so i waited for hmm lemme count (August, September, October and November) 4 months. Last i heard was they say it will come out 2 weeks ago. So i wait lo............... Eh nowadays they so high tech one, paper they make invisible already. Geez i must have just crawled out from a cave or something.

You see la wait for one letter that said you are offered a place in our uni, we start at "GOD KNOWS WHEN" and you have to Pay this much, and they take forever to do it. The latest news is that they are waiting for the name for the M2 batch then they will send over the letter (WHAT?! thats just great, just keep waiting, waiting and waiting!) I've been wanting to get the letter fast primarily i want to get cheap air tickets, but at this time i should be laughing if the air ticket is not 3K++ and MAS ticket is now already at 3K++. How?. Thought of flying with Air Asia but then they don't have direct flight to Adelaide. So i actually calculated the cost of taking Air Asia to Melbourne and then from Melbourne i take a train to Adelaide (its cheaper you know), but mum and dad object to this. Say i should not suffer for my first trip abroad alone. So i check out Singapore Airline and luckily the price is at 2k++ only (Thank you, [starts lauging]). Bad part, i have to stop over at Singapore and wait at the airport, then from there i continue my journey to Adelaide. Sigh.

So much trouble just because of the letter being late. I also eyed for Matta fair tic but now it is all gone, GONE! So much for the letter coming Fast and Furiously.

Next i shall rant about........ oh wait i have nothing else to rant. Guess i have one stuff to rant about after all hahahahaha.

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