Friday, January 14, 2011


It has been ages since I last Blog. Getting lazy to do so these days for some unknown reasons (May be the hectic and busy me can't find the time to blog and when I do have the time I just want to do something else). I started my Obstetric and Gynaecology rotation and it is one of the best rotation i ever had, but too bad I am not interested in O&G. It's not a bad specialty but I don't think this field is something I want to do. Reasons why i can't do it...... well i'll just keep it to myself for now.

Did i mention i love the hospital I am posted to at the moment. It's called Lyell McEwin Hospital. Everything in the hospital is NEW!!!! Haven't been to the wards to see how the environment is. Hopefully it lives up to my expectations.

Oh well gotta go. Exam in a few more weeks (long case and MCQ plus SCT) and i need to do some reading. Cheers guys!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Enrolment started today and i spent 45 minutes figuring out how I did the whole thing when I just started last year. If you guys don't know what enrolment means, let me explain it quickly, its the process where you choose which subjects you are going to study this year in order to complete your degree. Yes, we get to choose what we want to study for our degree, BUT, (yes there is a big BUT for us medical students) we don't get to choose which subjects we want. We have to take the whole lot of subjects that was pre-determined for us i.e. we just do the standard subjects which every medical schools do.

So why the time spent doing it? The answer, the whole process was so confusing (to me of course) and I was lost as to what I need to do. First we had to go through the check list and that was easy. Then came the hard part, the enrolment itself. I spent ten minutes looking for the subjects which i have to take. There was this section which require us to put in the class number and i did not know where to look for it. I search the "subject search" section and it wasn't there. Finally I realised it was all on this Enrolment information leaflet on the MLTU website. Then more confusing things crop up and that was how I spent so long enrolling into my MBBS programme.

Confusing? If you have no idea why I have to do all these stuffs and not just join the programme well I'm wondering that myself.

Oh and this will be my first post for the year 2011. Happy New Year everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Love Holidays cause i just get BORED

Ok you know how my previous post said i made it to 5th year (so happy that my hard work pays off), well the result that came out only showed THREE WORDS. NGP!!!! Yes just this 3 words which stand for Non Graded Pass.

Now I went and check the Med school bulletin board for any recent announcement and they said they are going to put up the grades/scores for each individual papers. Which means my OBA, SCT and OSCE do have a grade after all, but its just for us to know. No one else will know about it. Oh and they even said that starting from this year, out of the 2 theory papers, we are allowed to have one Grade D so long they did not fail OSCE.

So what is the point of saying all this if half of my friends don't even know what is happening. Its simple, though i passed my 4th year but secretly deep down in me, i hope i don't get a C or D for any papers. Somehow i find that it reflects on "something which I don't know how to tell you guys" and what kind of doc you will be. This is what boredom does to you. It make you think of weird stuff or sometimes negative stuff.

Oh talking about being random, there is a BUNGEE Jump in Malaysia. It's in Sunway Lagoon!!!! I feel like going for it, just a warm up before I try the Bungee in New Zealand (Yes my friends, i have always wanted to try bungee jump and I don't know why). All I hope is that i will not chicken out when I'm there.

Sorry folks, no pictures to see and I know what I wrote is quite stupid and not entirely related to the title. I'm just trying to kill my boredom. If I were to have something to do, I will not even write this post.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Made It

My first exam abroad. It was a scary experience but now i know how they do it.

And now i can say i made it!!!!!

Thank you to God, my family and all my friends for their support!!!

I will work harder next year and be more prepare next year for my exam!!!!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mclaren Vale and Victor Harbour

Exam is OVER!!!!!! Yeaaaaaa!

Went to Mclaren Vale (another place where winessssss are produced) and Victor Harbour. Walked over the bridge which i forgot its name to Granite Island and the scene was PRICELESS!!! But i didn't get to eat the famous Fish and Chips in Victor Harbour. We only manage to eat the second best Fish and Chips in Victor Harbour.

We rented 2 cars as it was a 3 hours (i think) journey from Adelaide city and guess what, i.......... did not drive to Victor Harbour. I slept throughout the journey hahahahahahaha.

McLaren Vale

And everyone was so happy after exam that they want to celebrate by JUMPING.

If you are wondering where is my jumping shot, well it's at my friend's camera not mine and it's ugly. Between Mclaren Vale and Barossa Valley, i still love Barossa cause there is more wine to drink hahahahaha.

After Mclaren Vale is Victor Harbour which is another 3 hours away. Eric drove cause he has a car while i sleep. Nothing to do on the car except sleep.

Next, pictures of Victor Harbour, the bridge (i think is called Murray Bridge), and Granite Island.

The Bridge which is laden with Horse Poo

Are those Penguins????

The Horse Tram that brings you over to Granite Island

The view on Granite Island!!!!

The trip was fun and its a good way to unwind after the exam stress. One more destination down in my travelling list.

Last but not least a brief mention of the feeling of anxiousness while waiting for my results. Pray that i pass my exams.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Brain Overloaded

I don't know why i'm blogging at this critical moment (OMG exam is near). I wonder if i am the only stupid one still blogging. I hope Hann Yee do blog during this time as well hehehehehehe so i will not be the only stupid one.

Hann Yee go blog!!!!!

Anyway i think my brain is overloaded with too much information. Past year Questions, IBD, Ortho and spinal stuff, Surgery stuff...................... bah i need to go back to my studies.

Praying hard these days!!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Do i look like i care

Just a very quick post to make this blog "lively". Exam is near, need to do tons of preparation. Study is making a big part cause there is so many things to read. OSCE just started recently and i am more worried on this aspect especially history taking. Practise more!!!!

Anyway like the title of the post, its just a comment on what students here like to talk about. They just luv to talk about stuff which if they were to say it to us (Malaysian or generally asian), i think most of us will just give them a "Do i look like i care about that" kinda face.

Guess that is why its hard to share a common topic with them