Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Love Holidays cause i just get BORED

Ok you know how my previous post said i made it to 5th year (so happy that my hard work pays off), well the result that came out only showed THREE WORDS. NGP!!!! Yes just this 3 words which stand for Non Graded Pass.

Now I went and check the Med school bulletin board for any recent announcement and they said they are going to put up the grades/scores for each individual papers. Which means my OBA, SCT and OSCE do have a grade after all, but its just for us to know. No one else will know about it. Oh and they even said that starting from this year, out of the 2 theory papers, we are allowed to have one Grade D so long they did not fail OSCE.

So what is the point of saying all this if half of my friends don't even know what is happening. Its simple, though i passed my 4th year but secretly deep down in me, i hope i don't get a C or D for any papers. Somehow i find that it reflects on "something which I don't know how to tell you guys" and what kind of doc you will be. This is what boredom does to you. It make you think of weird stuff or sometimes negative stuff.

Oh talking about being random, there is a BUNGEE Jump in Malaysia. It's in Sunway Lagoon!!!! I feel like going for it, just a warm up before I try the Bungee in New Zealand (Yes my friends, i have always wanted to try bungee jump and I don't know why). All I hope is that i will not chicken out when I'm there.

Sorry folks, no pictures to see and I know what I wrote is quite stupid and not entirely related to the title. I'm just trying to kill my boredom. If I were to have something to do, I will not even write this post.

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