Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Enrolment started today and i spent 45 minutes figuring out how I did the whole thing when I just started last year. If you guys don't know what enrolment means, let me explain it quickly, its the process where you choose which subjects you are going to study this year in order to complete your degree. Yes, we get to choose what we want to study for our degree, BUT, (yes there is a big BUT for us medical students) we don't get to choose which subjects we want. We have to take the whole lot of subjects that was pre-determined for us i.e. we just do the standard subjects which every medical schools do.

So why the time spent doing it? The answer, the whole process was so confusing (to me of course) and I was lost as to what I need to do. First we had to go through the check list and that was easy. Then came the hard part, the enrolment itself. I spent ten minutes looking for the subjects which i have to take. There was this section which require us to put in the class number and i did not know where to look for it. I search the "subject search" section and it wasn't there. Finally I realised it was all on this Enrolment information leaflet on the MLTU website. Then more confusing things crop up and that was how I spent so long enrolling into my MBBS programme.

Confusing? If you have no idea why I have to do all these stuffs and not just join the programme well I'm wondering that myself.

Oh and this will be my first post for the year 2011. Happy New Year everyone!!!

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