Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mclaren Vale and Victor Harbour

Exam is OVER!!!!!! Yeaaaaaa!

Went to Mclaren Vale (another place where winessssss are produced) and Victor Harbour. Walked over the bridge which i forgot its name to Granite Island and the scene was PRICELESS!!! But i didn't get to eat the famous Fish and Chips in Victor Harbour. We only manage to eat the second best Fish and Chips in Victor Harbour.

We rented 2 cars as it was a 3 hours (i think) journey from Adelaide city and guess what, i.......... did not drive to Victor Harbour. I slept throughout the journey hahahahahahaha.

McLaren Vale

And everyone was so happy after exam that they want to celebrate by JUMPING.

If you are wondering where is my jumping shot, well it's at my friend's camera not mine and it's ugly. Between Mclaren Vale and Barossa Valley, i still love Barossa cause there is more wine to drink hahahahaha.

After Mclaren Vale is Victor Harbour which is another 3 hours away. Eric drove cause he has a car while i sleep. Nothing to do on the car except sleep.

Next, pictures of Victor Harbour, the bridge (i think is called Murray Bridge), and Granite Island.

The Bridge which is laden with Horse Poo

Are those Penguins????

The Horse Tram that brings you over to Granite Island

The view on Granite Island!!!!

The trip was fun and its a good way to unwind after the exam stress. One more destination down in my travelling list.

Last but not least a brief mention of the feeling of anxiousness while waiting for my results. Pray that i pass my exams.

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