Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Of Beautiful Weather and Typhoon.

The weather was plain hot on Saturday and i was sitting in my study room clear of all those med books, surfing the web with my newly installed wireless (Muahahahahaha i got wireless at home i am still very happy and hype over it) ahem.

The study room was so hot and there i wonder. Why can't it rain to bring down the heat. Some more its a Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday, means i can sleep late again. If it rains now then the temperature in my room would be cool enough for me to sleep till 11am.

Then within a few minutes the weather changed. Dark clouds started gathering followed by a loud thunder. So i look up to see if it is really going to rain, and there it was just as i wish, it is going to rain. (sing song faster: its raining, its pouring, the jungle man is singing [shout like tarzan]) ahem i didn't do the singing by the way.

And now i started cursing that of all times it has to rain, it gotta be right now. My lap top is still under going Defragmentation le, after hit by thunder how? (see no rain rant, rain coming rant also.) Anyway to cut the story short, the rain just pour all of a sudden without any warning. It is not a gradual thing. It is like a sudden big down pour and it took a bad turn where big gush of wind started blowing (i tell you if Si Ling go out at that time i think the wind will blow her all the way to UK already), lightning strike here and there like in the movie War of the World.

This is the picture i took using my Cell Phone. I think by that time the thunder storm wasn't that bad anymore.

I thought that we were hit by a Typhoon, or maybe the end of the world is here, but it is just a thunder storm in the end, so no worries. See how the weather have changed. The thunder storm even flooded my garden/porch/recreation place whatever you people call it these days.

Then all of a sudden the storm started to calm down and the rain stop altogether. Next is the hard part, cleaning!. Have to do cleaning after having the wind blowing all the dust and dirt into our yard/garden/porch/recreation area, aaaargh, and the roof was leaking, so i need to wipe the wet floor (luckily nothing was blew off) before someone slip and fell.

Alright i think that is enough for this post la, i need to go back to my studies before i give everything back to my lectures.
(My letter from Adelaide is still not here yet. So what is the learning outcome from this, figure it out yourself)

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