Thursday, November 5, 2009

Picture Post

Haih since i am so free nowadays (i did study CVS just not very productive only) i think i should blog more. So far my only fans is none other than Renee Lee Ren Ping. Yes Ren Ping got a a English name. Don't play play and she has been using it in office telling our client her name. So people, call her Renee ok.
Anyway this is a picture post. I can't guarantee that there will be lots of pictures in this post, cause i might get lazeee half way through and the pictures will mostly be pictures i took in Europe. So enjoy.

This is the Neuschwanstein Castle i mention earlier

The Castle taken from a hill overlooking it and it is under repair (restoration)

And guess what, it is this castle that gave inspiration to the famous trademark that everyone knows, the Cinderella castle in Disney where everyone see it in every Disney movie and theme park (so said the tour guide la)

Another picture of the surrounding area of the castle.

The lake nearby the castle

See such a nice relaxing spot.

After visiting the castle, we took the bus, cross the border of Germany and enter Austria, home to some of the most famous musician in the world (forgot their names sorry). Anyway on our way around the Alps we stop by a beautiful place. It is really mesmerizing and relaxing if you have the time to lazee around, but the bad part...... it is laden with Cow Poo. So smelly.

Nice lake with the Alps behind it. This is the Austrian side already.

Aaaaaah what a nice place to relax. Wait till u see and smell the Cow Poo all over the place

Look a Cake. Soooo Big. It is actually a house ok (if you do believe me than i am really speechless). But it do look like a cake and the tour guide called it "the house that looks like a cake".

And finally a house where the roof is made of GOLD. Wonder if i could scrap it out and sell the golds. Just wondering hehehehe.

Well i am lazeee already. So i leave this post with this many pic first. Maybe next time i put more pictures.

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