Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Historical Pictures

No it is not the type of historical pictures of our forefathers fighting for independence and no it is not the pictures of ancient Egyptian and their great pyramids. These are pictures of my friends and me during our days in IMU Bukit Jalil. Most of it are taken when we were in Sem 4 but some were taken during the days before EOS 5. So i think this can be categorise as historical pictures since it is almost 7 months ago and some of it are more than 7 months. Oh and all the pictures i have here are actually found in my cell phone.

The pictures i am showing first are pictures taken during Michelle Lee's Burpday celebration.

First picture: Ling Ling Bao. See she is so happy.

The next picture is of Ah Liang and Ling Ling Bao. See they are also very happy.

Ah Liang wearing Pink and holding Pink Balloon.

A group Photo, Qian Bao is in it so is the Lion-ess.

Japanese food. The set that we ordered and shared among 4 people

The Bao and the Lion-ess

Another Group photo with Michelle (da one wearing the crown)

My notes - Base of Skull........ Those were the days of studies and memorizing stuff

Who else the SS queen la, playing with my phone when she is too stress during EOS 5.

The pens, pencils, papers, books and lecture notes i used for my studies.

IMU Ball Pictures. Only got two of the pictures here.

Me and Lui Yee Lin

Me and the Lion-ess

And finally i shall show you Ling Ling Bao taking a Nap (SHHHHHHH don't tell her ok or i am in trouble)

This is what EOS 5 looks like. Not enough sleep, want to sleep but cannot sleep so Nap lo.

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