Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Another day at work doing nothing (Pray that my boss don't see this). Wanted to study, like read up my stuff such as CVS since i think there is posting in Cardiology during my first year in Adelaide. But sometimes you just don't wanna study especially when there is some particular aunty who is ever so annoying asking you to do this and that and in the end you will not have the time to really concentrate and read, not to mention the aunty bragging when she see that you are studying. So now i am bored, having nothing to do.

So what i do when i am bored. Blog lo. But i don't have any idea on what to blog unless i rant la. So guess i will rant after all and rant about what, my offer letter lo. Haih i got an email saying that the offer letter will be send to us this week, and as of Wednesday the letter is still no where to be seen. I thought that it will come on Monday or Tuesday since we need to make payments and all this have to be done during the weekdays where the banks are opened, but no it is still not here yet. Lets just wait until Friday and see if it is out. I am now hypothesizing that whoever who needs to sign the Letter must have some joint problem in the fingers, either Osteo or Rheumatoid arthritis but i think Rheumatoid is more likely since it affect the smaller joints first.

Oh and talk (ranting) about those annoying sales person. I tell you, this sales person are from the same company but they keep coming to the same place over and over again. Each time they represent a different branch somewhere in PJ la, USJ la, KL la, etc. The worst was that the same company have sales person coming to our office twice in a row and each of them are from a different branch. Hallo don't you people actually share the information? With computer this days, a client info can be shared at all the branch offices you have right. Must you come and keep annoying us.

Haih enough ranting la. November is here and it so happens to be my last month here working, and the biggest lesson i learned is that money doesn't come by easily (no money don't grow from trees or fall from the sky ok you rich brat). The amount of hard work and stress during work is something that could change one person from being a big spender to being super thrifty (unless again you are rich so working basically doesn't change your perspective). Enough said, countdown starts now. I think i got 18 days more of work. I THINK.

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