Friday, November 20, 2009

Pantang la

Ok this will be my 14th post because according to the "ang moh" having the number 13 on a friday is very pantang one, remember Friday the 13th the movie where many many people died. Like died in a horrible way. So i am adding this one more post making it the 14th post.

But then according to the Chinese the number 14 is also pantang. In fact any number related to the number 4 is very pantang for the Chinese. So pantang that in a tower like my office here, there is no Floor number 4 but you will find Floor number 3A substituting the number 4. So i already have the 15th post ready to be posted hahahahahaha so no more bad numbers stuck there in my blog.

Ok i know this is a bit stupid and all but don't mind me ok. When you are on holiday and have too much time in hand, sometimes you might think about all this pantang stuff. hehehehe

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