Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Picture post 2 - Europe

Ok i shall continue from my previous post with pictures from Europe. First i would like to clarify that i actually skip lots of pictures which i took in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg primarily cause the scenery i took from Germany was breathetaking and since i showed those pictures first, might as well followed up from there hehehe.

Those pictures i showed earlier in Austria and later on in this post are all taken at the city of Innsbruck. I think the city held the Winter Olympics before but i dunno which year was it. So enjoy this picture post.

One of the historical or was it an important building here. I forgot. lol

Swarovski, they sell crystal and they have some sort of exhibition centre here.

A alleyway in Innsbruck which is so clean. Safety wise at night..... not so sure.

The Alps which is seen here behind the buildings

The entire city of Innsbruck is actually located at the foot of the Alps and it is surrounded by it, so you could always see the Alps when you are in the city. Wonder how the scenery would be like if it is winter?

This is my Lunch in Innsbruck. It is Fish and Chips i think but yea i didn't eat it in London which one of my friend said i should. I ate it in Innsbruck.

And this is the restaurant where i ordered my Fish and Chips. Recommended by one of the people joining the tour who so happens to be from IMU pharmacy batch P1 intake.

Next are the pictures of the villages located on the Alps itself(not surrounded by it but on it) and boy it is really breath taking. Really would like to visit some of the villages next time. But where should i stay....... in the barn? Anyway enjoy.
(P.S. i took a lot of picture on this but since i was in a moving bus, most of it are very blur. This are the few which is really nice)

One of the peak of the Alps which is high enough to be covered by snow during summer.

With that i cross the border from Austria into Italy where the Romans build the great Coliseum, where the Age of Renaissance starts, home to Michaelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci and the place where the Vatican City home to the Pope is located. Maybe i should show the picture of Vatican City.

St Peter's square in Vatican City.

Hope you people enjoy this posts.

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