Saturday, November 7, 2009

Coffee Beeeeeeeean

Its Saturday again and boy does time flies fast. I felt like its just Monday yesterday and next week Monday is already looming. Since time is going by so fast lets talk about the past (Friday) shall we???

Friday as usual was a working day for me. Go work early in the morning at 9am, sit in the office and wait for work to be passed to us and not to mention picking up calls (those annoying, F*#ck calls which sometimes makes you go berserk). When it comes to lunch hour i would usually camp it out in office, bringing my well packed lunch from home and eat it in the office conference room, but on this very Friday (yesterday of course) Renee wanna belanja makan (she said that very long ago), so i took up the offer. At first i suggested roti canai la since cheap ma but she don't want, she said got promo in San Francisco steak house where the set lunch is RM 9++(happens a very very very very long time ago). So to cut the story short after saying it for so long finally on this very Friday we went to KLCC for lunch again. I suggested pizza but then kind Renee after knowing i have never drank Starbucks or Coffee Bean before took me to Coffee Bean for lunch (well of course in between the eating part and the looking for food part is another whole new story to be told). So here i am having lunch in Coffee Bean for the very first time and i drank my very first cup of Mocha from Coffee Bean.

This is the half drank Mocha from Coffee Bean and with Cream too.

Well so sorry for not taking the picture of the drink before i drink it. Only realize that i should at least have a picture after drinking that much.

So in the end i end up getting a very nice meal and feeling bloated (thanx to the cream added into the Mocha). So THANK YOU again RENEE hahahaha.

i vow to never have cream in my Coffee anymore though it taste nice.

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