Friday, November 20, 2009

Finally its here

After waiting such a looooooong time, and after ranting about it in my previous post, the offer letter from University of Adelaide is here. Yipeeeee. And it came in with another letter or statement which they called it PCI. Don't really remember what the P and C stands for but i think the I stands for Infectious. (The PCI thingy is actually about your Hep B and C status and also about your HIV status). That letter was so long that i gave up reading it half way and decided to just sign the damn thing.

So the first reaction when i got my letter was..... SHOCK. The fees was so high, beyond my wildest imagination, way off from the estimate given. Die la. And later on i got so worried about it. Luckily Renee console/comfort me and asked me not to worry about it, and so did my parents.

Next reaction after reading through the letter....... I miss everyone le, like my family, my doggy, my friends, my house, my room, my cute teddy bear my mum bought me when i was a kid and still keeping it and many more. I am leaving an environment that i am very familiar with to a whole new land of the unknown. Haih already having such feelings, wonder what will happen in the Airport, CRY LOUD LOUD and don't stop like when i was a kid hehehe.

Anyway so far i have settled my plane ticket, and i would be flying on the............. na tell later la i think it is still early now. All i need to do now is to treasure every moment and not think about flying off.

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