Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vatican City

After so long neglecting this blog(sorry la was on vacation), here i am continuing my post on my tour of Europe. In Europe most of the time we would be walking from one tourist spot to another. Initially you will be energetic and gets happy seeing a new historical building, churches and site, but try doing tat from say 9 am all the way to 1pm in the afternoon where you get to rest for lunch and continue on after say 1 to 1 and a half hour of lunch. I think many of us would be tired by then, especially if the weather is dreadfully hot (it is so hot in Italy and Paris). So if you want to do some slimming down or reduce weight go to Europe for a tour cause trust me you will be walking A LOT. Ok lets cut short on the talking and have a look at the majestic Vatican City.

The building i saw when we were entering Vatican city

The Swiss guard
The basilica standing on the St Peter's square.

I think this is the Church, (actually i forgotten what building is this) inside it are many works of arts and sculptures of previous Popes and also an Altar for people to pray.

I think that would be the Office of the Pope (i also forgotten what building this is)

Well i think it is pretty obvious that it is statues placed outside and the middle one i think would be the insignia of Vatican City, see the 2 keys.

Next would be a quick tour of the inside of the church(the 4th picture) where it is filled with works of art and sculptures. As i am not an art student and i don't really know much of the history of each of the art pieces, i shall only show the pictures.

The entrance into the church

The painting found on top, at the ceiling. So nice (i wonder how they do it)

Another ceiling with amazing paintings on it

The altar for people to pray.

Yet another ceiling with painting (seriously how they do those nice painting on there?)

The insignia of the Vatican City

Finally i shall end the post with the picture of the Swiss guard up close. Guess what their uniform is actually designed by Michaelangelo himself. Ok gurls go admire and see if they are "leng chai" a not.

Guess this post make up the weeks i neglected my blog.

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