Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Christmas is around the corner (actually it is this Friday), so maybe i should have some Christmas picture posted up here. As usual there is always a Christmas tree for Christmas, lots of presents underneath and if you have a fire place, there would be socks hanging there as Santa Claus is suppose to come down from the chimney.
Those were the decorations at home but i don't celebrate Christmas la and i don't have a fireplace with chimney, so i don't have those decorations. Besides if i were to put a Christmas tree in my living room i think my mummy would scream at me saying "How am i to wipe the floor if your tree is there? Clean up, put it outside" hahahahah. Anyway doing the deco for Christmas would be a lot of work and putting it away after that would also be a lot of work too. So i don't do Christmas deco. Rather sleep zzzzzzzzzzzz.
Despite me not doing the decoration for Christmas, we can still feel the Christmas mood in major shopping malls in KL and even the "ang moh" wanna take pictures of it hehehe. First off, Times Square.

The decoration in Times Square. It wasn't complete at the time i took the picture

The Christmas Tree at the entrance of Times Square. It is also not fully operational when i took the pic.

Next we shall look at Pavillion's Christmas deco and it is really a "WOW" kinda of decoration. If they were to held a competition for the best Christmas decoration, i think Pavillion would have won. Just one word to describe the decoration. GRAND.

The deco at the main atrium of Pavillion. Pic taken from (i don't remember which Floor)

Another picture of the main atrium of Pavillion

The deco seen from the main entrance of Pavillion

Where is Santa Claus?

Next would be the decoration done outside Pavillion. Wow they even decorate the compound outside, really making it feel more like Christmas.

The final picture would be the Christmas decoration in Midvalley megamall. It is simple yet nice.

The deco at the Centre court of Midvalley

So here you have it the Christmas decoration in KL's shopping malls. Haven't seen the one in KLCC though. I think they would most probably put up the giant Christmas Tree again. Now am wondering if the Aussie do such decoration for Christmas. (Now am looking forward to the Chinese New Year decoration can someone snap pictures for me to see)

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