Saturday, December 19, 2009

The inevitable

It is ineveitable that i am about to leave soon. Checking the calendar on the side of my computer screen shows that i would be leaving in 2 weeks and 3 days time (not counting this week of course).

Already i show signs of homesick even when i am not abroad yet. Oh how i'm going to miss every single thing in my house, the tv, the load of tv programmes i can watch, the ever delicious ready meal prepared for dinner, my comfortable bed, my parents, my aunt, my sister and of course the ever cute lil dog of mine which i love to disturb when i got bored.

I am both excited and scared i suppose, that i am going abroad. Excited cause i am going to a whole new place (who would not be excited when you learn that you are going to a whole new place, new world, meet new friends and new people and have a total different experience). Scared cause...... I am travelling alone. My first time doing it and it doesn't really help when Renee was saying that how i am going to miss my transfer plane and how i am going to call her and complain for not listening to her advice. Oh and it doesn't help either with the various scary stories i heard from my dad about how a simple journey like travelling and arriving on an airport is such a dangerous thing to do. Gosh airport is so scary le.

But right now is more to treasuring every single moments with my parents and love ones. I don't think i should complain much here cause i told Renee once that this is our choice and we should not complain about our choice. We chose to walk this journey and so we should not complain about it and finish walking this journey of ours cause there will be no turning back and if we were to turn back........ well you know waste marney (donate to me la if you got so much marney to waste) and waste your "Qing Chun" (youth for those who can't make it out or am a Bana...... you know what i mean).

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