Friday, October 30, 2009

Gasp...... "Tom Cruise" came

I always look forward to Friday, and the reason is very obvious to everyone cause tomorrow is Saturday which means no work and Friday is also the day where the new episode for Naruto and Bleach (the manga ok not the real bleach) is released. Hehehehe so if i ever get bored from work can "curi-curi" go read the manga.

Enought said i should go back to the topic of this post. About "Tom Cruise" coming. Don't get me wrong, its not like the REAL Tom Cruise came ok. Just a friend of ours came. So we decided to have lunch in KLCC. (But in my blog cbox he called himself tom cruise la)

The Petronas Twin Towers-see so nice and tall.

The best part is that "Tom Cruise" purposely came and have lunch with us and he brought along "Luk Mei Tang Shui" le. So touched la hahahahaha. Anyway there is nothing much to say la besides Ren Ping and me asking him this and that about his life in Seremban and how are the others doing there...... basically it is something like asking the latest happening in Seremban la. You can call it gossip if you want but hey dun blame us ok. We are on holiday and we seriously are too damn free.

So thats it nothing special about the visit by "Tom Cruise" lol. Oh and to Ms Lee thanks for saluting me on how i am the "Pro in crossing roads in KL". hahahahahaha. And i shall salute you as the Pro in lying la when we came in late lol. (Liar liar pants on fire) hahahahaha. Anyway another picture/scenery and this is taken by me when i was in Europe more precisely in the state of Bavaria, Germany where the Neuschwanstein Castle (in English it is called New Swan Stone Palace thanx to Wikipedia for the translation) is located.

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