Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am totally speechless

This is my 2nd post on the very same day and this is thanx to my friend (not mentioning names ok or not my friend come and complain to me) who thinks that i should write two posts a day. One while working (when i got nothing to do la of course) and one when i am at home (again when i got nothing to do). So here we are, me writing another post in my blog i still can't believe i am blogging (but then again i have totally nothing to do so why not rite).

Anyway just wanna say i am totally shock today when i heard on the radio that most (not all) people are addicted to the games on facebook.

What is happening to this world? Are those games that fun? They even said that aunties are playing all this games on facebook. See the aunties of today are so high tech (I think is time i have to seriously learn to use my com besides using it to go online and play games). Well truth be told i am also playing all this games on facebook too hehehehe. Example, Cafe world (replace restaurant city), farmville and mousehunt but i didn't play the country story la. Heard this is the game that most people are addicted to. Heck they even spend money on the game. Waaaaa so rich hor, i think they better donate to me instead of spending it on those games.

On the other note, i can say that i am so free these days that i don't know what i can do at home. Study erm....... no thanx, the minute i open the book i will almost for sure snore and fall asleep. Die la how to survive clinical years in Adelaide. Open my med books feel like sleeping. Read lecture notes feel like sleeping, even when i see the cover of the med books i also feel like sleeping. Need to think of something to start looking through those books and notes. My senior in Adelaide said that it is super stress there and ask me to prepare for it..... like read up what they taught in IMU and cover more in depth for some topic. ok i am scaring myself.

Oh and talk about Adelaide, i am starting to believe what one of my friend told me ages ago. Adelaide are full of old people and they tend to do things slowly. Why do i think so? Cause my offer letter is still not here yet and maybe cause the admin is taking their own sweet time to send the letter out since you know old people tend to do things slowly. But now i don't really care when the letter comes (but of course make sure they come before i commence my course or i will start cursing) cause the longer they take to send it, the more interest i get by keeping the money in the bank hehehe. See the positive side of waiting for the "oh so hard to type and send offer letter". Alright I think this post is quite long, so i shall stop talking and go slumber or laze around and before i go another picture which i really like.

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