Tuesday, October 27, 2009

OMG i got a Blog

Ok i can't believe it either, but yea i am blogging but i am not so sure whether i will continue posting anything when i re-start (technically i haven't graduate yet, just having a long break) my course aka clinical years. And out of boredom and some pestering by none other than Ms Lee Ren Ping (well she is not reading yet hehehe) so i decided to start one. As for an introduction of me, myself, well i save you the energy and time ok since most of you who would be reading this blog (or maybe no one would read this blog who cares) knows who i am. Maybe i do it next time. Right now i am living up to the Blog URL i am pretty lazeeeeeeeeeeeee at the moment. I think instead of writing more i should go slumber. Will try to learn how to get a cbox n upload pictures later. Right now i am just plain LAZY.

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