Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My second post

So this post is suppose to introduce myself........ well ok maybe i should make it simple. A medical student waiting for his offer letter from University (as of 27th October 2009, why so long one?) used to be very talkative but now a bit quiet especially in front of people i don't really know, but can go crazy if they are my friends. I think that is all i can say about myself.

Oh and i learnt how to get a Cbox for my blog from Ren Ping without her knowing that i have a blog hahahahaha and the best part is i even asked her to teach me how to upload photos into my blog when she said that i am suppose to start a blog, then only she will teach me. Guess she forgot about that statement since she can even forget about the photo which i am suppose to send her. So what else should i write here? ........ no ideas now Maybe i should upload some photo to make it nicer instead of words, words and more words. Maybe next post i will get some nice photos la to make it interesting. I think i should take a nap now. Oh before, that since my friends in Seremban is having exam today, well people all the best people.

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