Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hospital Posting

Hospital posting has officially started for me. This means less time to go explore Adelaide and less pictures to be posted. So far my life here before hospital starts is like i am here for vacation but then after a long daydreaming of a carefree life, i reckon is time i wake up from it and start working my lazy ass and work towards my goal.

Hospital here is so much different from those back home. For a start they are all air conditioned lol. Back home only private hospital are air conditioned but here public hospital are also air conditoned. Next difference is that Med students are part of the team in managing patients. Which means we are very involve with patients and this means we are obligated to go ward rounds together with the doctors. Ward rounds can be interesting sometimes but it will get ugly when the consultant (layman term is specialist in Malaysia) asked you questions and you just fumble right there.

Anyway i am on surgical posting for 9 weeks and i will rotate after 4 weeks to another surgical ward. The next big surprise is that i am at the 2 most busy ward or surgical posting. Currently i am at Colorectal which some say is the 2nd most busy ward and my next posting is called Professorial posting which is an Upper GI and the busiest ward in surgery. And as the name of the posting implies the Consultant there is a Professor and the Professor likes to hammer 4th year med student. Guess i am screwed this time (really screwed when i am at the ward as the one and only 4th year). Too avoid being screwed i am currently preparing for my Upper GI attachment and at the same time tackling the Colorectal attachment, but i still think i am screwed no matter how hard i prepare.

Just a bit info about the team in my ward, it consist of a Fellow which is a going to be Surgeon who had just pass their surgical test, a Registrar someone who is going to take the surgeon test (i think), the RMO which is same as Medical officer in Malaysia and 2 interns plus me and my friend, 2 4th years. The consultants only come for ward rounds on Monday and Friday so other days it is usually the people i mentioned above. Just to mention, the interns are really nice and friendly and so is the Registrar, RMO and Fellows. Of course for Colorectal ward the consultant i met so far is nice but my senior said there is one "evil" one there. Hopefully i don't encounter him/her.

Well that is all i can tell right now. Need to go back to studies for my ward rounds with Consultant where we have to read up Colorectal cancer, hernia, Bowel obstruction (small and large), Diverticular disease, all the anorectal abnormalities (where i have tutorial for it on Monday) and if i have time i need to do my preparation for my Upper GI ward. Well how nice is that.

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