Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy "Belated" New Year

Ok i know it is a lil late to post something about new year, so i added an additional word for the title of this post, but hey this is my first post for the year 2010 so i think it is still consider a new year new post for my blog (besides i was busy on new years day so no time to post a new year post). Anyway with the coming of January means my holidays are going to be over and i will be leaving for Aussie soon. So my new year wish is that i could do well in Adelaide (despite not studying much) and pass every exam i am going to have, major and end of posting exam (whatever they call it there as long is exam i wish i could pass), stay healthy and hope that i would strike the lottery and get rich all of a sudden so that i can sponsor my studies without using my parents' money.

As for new year resolution...... geez i never thought of it. Maybe one of it is to learn swimming (cross my finger i got time to do that there and i would get a friend who is willing to teach me swimming or not i will have to learn with the kids). As it is a resolution so one doesn't necessary have to fulfil them as we only hope we can fulfil them, therefore if i have to learn swimming with kids, i'll pass (i rather drown). Any other new year resolution....... nope not that i can think of. So lets go with this one resolution first, will update more when i can think of any.

Next, as in every new year we recall back all those memorable events, happenings and dramas that occur throughout the year. So the most memorable events for me is when we graduated from phase 1 in IMU. Time sure fly and now we are in our clinical years. No longer are we the innocent med student struggling with those anatomy and pathology jargons (and of course we look old in front of all those new comers too). Other memorable events such as studying in library for EOS 5, EOS 5 itself which is a torture, IMU Ball, and of course how can we forget Qian Hui's Birthday celebration where she "ahem" kiss "ahem" someone "ahem". Maybe i can post those picture when she finally got a husband with kids. Remind her of her most fond and memorable birthday celebration ever hahahahaha. I think that is all for now. Happy New Year everyone. Keeo in contact ar.

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