Friday, January 22, 2010

How to speak Australian

OK people lets have a class here for once shall we. Today i shall teach you guys about Aussie Slangs and pronunciation which means this is not a picture post but a WORD post. So if you don't want to read it then shoo.

Ok so lets start with the slang first shall one

(1) Nick Off -eg. Siew Kim just "nick off" from class; so the meaning is run off or left
(2) Barbie -eg. Lets have a "barbie" tonight (not barbie doll ok); it means BBQ
(3) mozzie -eg. Shit that stupid "mozzie" just bit me; means mosquitoes
(4) ambo -eg. Haih its the "ambo" siren again; means ambulance
(5) cheers -eg. "Cheers" mate; means bye guys
(6) Mate - refers to friends generally, boys and girls
(7) cuppa -eg. i would like to have a "cuppa"; means a cup of tea
(8) whinger -eg. That person is such a "whinger"; means a person who whines a lot
(9) get stuffed -eg. Oh why not you just "get stuffed"; means to shut up or get lost
(10) in the shit/poo -eg. Did you know Yu gin is "in the shit" laaaaaa; basically it means yu gin is in deep shit which means in trouble

Ok next we shall go for 5 basic pronunciation

(1) how old are you is pronounced as how ol dare you(link the d to are and pronounce it like are but with a d in front)
(2) do you have any drug allergies as diu have any dru gallergies(they shorten do you to one word which sounds like what i typed and yep link the g of drug to allergies and pronunce it)
(3) Does this pain affect your sleep as duhcyst pain affect chore sleep(again they shorten it so does and this is pronounce as one and your is pronounce as chore)
(4) How many times did it happen as how many times didit happen(they shorten it again)
(5) have you ever smoked in the past as have you ever smoked in d past(here the is shorten and pronounce to d)

Well this all for aussie pronounciation and slangs. Oh and they like to use the word "reckon" too. Example: What do you reckon or I reckon this is not what it seems to be. It actually means i think.

Hahahahaha enough of english lesson for a day.

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