Friday, January 15, 2010


Blogging live from Adelaide and I have spend one week now in Adelaide (am surviving though i am still home sick sometimes) and I have started my bridging course..... well who wants to know how it goes, i think most of you guys would want to know how is Adelaide like. To sum it i can say the city centre if compared to KL is pretty small like small small if you know what i mean. We can just take a bus and go all the way to the city centre for free and the Uni itself is at the city centre though the hospital is not.

So far the people here in Aussie are nice and warm. Example when you pay at the counter they always say "Hi there how are you?" which really caught me by surprise cause i don't know if i should answer them or ignore them, so far i answer back saying i'm fine and after paying and getting my change i would usually say "thank you" which they would say too hahahahaha.

Shopping here well there is only one in the city centre called Rundle Mall. I'll show you the pictures and see if you still want to call it a mall or not cause i don't really get it.

Yep the above pic is what Adelaideans call their shopping street Rundle Mall. But to me it is a Street like Petaling Street in KL. We don't call it Petaling Mall do we, we call it Petaling Street, but they call it Rundle Mall....... well cultural differences i dare say. Anyway to avoid confusion i am calling it Rundle cause i still can't call it a Mall yet. To me a mall is fully air conditioned not in open space that kinda thing.

So far Adelaide have been a pleasant place apart from the Home sick i have i think it is really nice. Of course i am not here for vacation so i think most of the time i would be stuck in my room and mugging all those books i need to read.

I think that is all folks next post i put out more pictures cause i think most of my picture is in Facebook. Oh by the way Yu Gin the temperature maybe high but i am definately not roasted ok hahahahaha.

P.S. hopefully i can get my "real" internet connection soon then i can Skype home, really miss my family and my cute lil doggy and of course i miss you guys too.

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