Saturday, January 16, 2010

Glenelg Beach

The next thing i would like to blog about is the beach here in Adelaide. The most famous beach in Adelaide is calleg Glenelg beach where again you know what the caucasian culture are........ drink till you drop that kinda thing. Well the beach is busy just like any other tourist destination, the difference is the weather is not hot. The temperature was around 20-19 degree celsius and guess what a bunch of us wore short pants and some wore ultra short pants out to the beach where there is big wind, making everyone feel so cold. Heck i actually wore a T-shirt which is more suitable for Malaysia weather and hot summer together with Shorts. So i was one of those people freezing away when i was at the beach. We took the Tram from Victoria Square (the nearest station from our accomodation) all the way to Moseley Square which is the last stop. And so we walk for say 1KM+++ to the station under the cold sunny weather.

A bunch of "Jakun" people Jay Walking

Oh by the way if you are caught Jay walking (don't know if the spelling is right) which means crossing the road not at the designated crossing area or cross when it shows red (which as Malaysian we do that all the time) the police can fine you for AUD 200..... OUCH

Me taking Pic in front of my Accomodation

One of those balconies there is my room (which is facing the main road)

So as mention we took the tram at Victoria Square all the way to the last station called Moseley Square.

Victoria Square

Here comes the Tram

Saw the sign, it says "Glenelg Moseley Square". Well the tram took us pass the suburb of Adelaide and the houses are so nice (sorry did not take picture of the suburb) and finally we reach the beach which was windy and COOOOOOOOLD. So we took pictures there, flipping around, jumping around like monkeys and did i told you about the wind. It is so cold when the wind blows and Aida was like almost blown off hahahahahaha. Things didn't help when almost all of us were wearing short pants and t shirts. Some brought jackets but unlucky me was freezing.

Glenelg Beach

The cold wind

Well we basically did nothing there. It was too cold to do anything. The wave was rough too but i still saw some people swimming at the ocean. It was so cold that some of us went and look for a shade not from the sun but from the wind. I was one of them. Can't stand it anymore.

By 8 something we decided to head back but i was yearning for ice cream (i know the cold weather and the ice cream don't really mix but i want to have some ice cream) so we went McDonald and get the cone ice cream which is sold in Malaysia for RM1++

The ice cream cost around 0.70cent for chocolate and chocolate mix with vanilla and 0.50 cents for vanilla which i think is reasonable.

After savouring the Ice cream we decided to head home and the temperature drop to 19degree celsius with strong wind. AAAARGH COLD!

Glenelg beach at around 8.40pm. Well as the night draws nearer i bet it gets more pack with people. Even when we were on our way to the beach a bunch of people came on the same tram we were taking and they were making a hell lots of noise, excited with the after night party.

Ok i think i shall stop here. Next stop Adelaide Zoo i wanna see the Pandas

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