Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On the eve of my departure

Guess what i went Pavillion again, the perfect paradise for shopaholic to shop for Gucci, Prada, Chanel etc.... but don't worry i am not there to shop just went there for movie (i'll never buy Gucci, Prada or Chanel unless money fall from heaven for me).

So on the very eve before i left for Aussie, i went to Pavillion with...... Ren Ping lo. She is the only one free enough to layan me. Others are so busy in Seremban for their ward rounds so it is always Ren Ping and me going out for movies. I took this session as my official farewell with her lo since i would not be around when she leave for Aberdeen.

Pavillion as a shopping paradise sure is nice and great. Everything in it is so high class, even the food are expensive. The cheapest would be the food court, Pizza Hut, KFC or any other fast food. Since i am a poor med student where every cents count, i suggested to eat at the food court in Lot 10. My mum read about the food court there which sell all the famous hawker food or more like all those famous hawker food out there open up a stall in the food court and guess what it sure is one hell of a food court.

The food court is like a maze. Food stall are scattered everywhere. So when Ren Ping and i went looking for food separately we were lost unable to find each other. Ren Ping said she was lost in a Maze of Food (if only this maze of food comes free). In the end we found each other sat down and get our respective food.

The Dim Sum we ordered (so expensive, must be the rent)

Siew mai another expensive dim sum we ordered

my bowl of Asam Laksa (sweet taste, no sour or spicy)

Ren Ping's food i forgot what it is called in cantonese. Ask her if you wanna know it is good or not?

So after lunch we walked back to Pavillion to catch our movie, Avatar. Heard it was a good movie, though at first i thought it was a cartoon or something. We watch it in 3D so we paid 19 bucks each (OUCH) for the movie. The difference between 3D and the normal movie we watch in theatre.......... i don't see the difference. Since this "watching movie in 3D" is a one time thing for me, i guess i will not waste extra money for it anymore. I thought the 3D would be much more real but it looks the same to me. Nonetheless this is my opinion, i think everyone should try the 3D movie themselves and see if they like it. Ren Ping was worried that she will puke and so was i, so i suggested that if i were to puke i will puke into the popcorn box hahahahaha.

So this is it my last outing here in Malaysia, Pavillion KL, food and movie.

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