Sunday, February 7, 2010

Left Over

Don't worry people this is not what we did during our posting in the hospital, this is what we did like 3 or maybe 4 weeks ago when we were still having our bridging course at the medical school. Our life now is sad cause most of us are lock up in our own rooms in our own apartment studying or reading. I think the Med guys are more busy cause they need to type out their case report for patients (like most of you in IMU), do some Evidence Based Medicine thing and all (which i am going to do after 6 more weeks). Surgical or Surg posting as they call it here is not that relaxing but it is not very hectic either.

Ok lets not talk about our SAD life here and focus on the left over pictures which i have in phone and was lazeeeee to put it up cause i was lazeeeee to send it from my phone to my com.

The Barr Smith Lawn
This is us having lunch Ang Moh style, eating at the lawn

Part of the Botanic Garden of Adelaide

University of Adelaide Med School (oops got blocked by the trees)

The Union House at the University (this is where the Student Union is located)

More Pic of the University (back of the Union House)

The Custard we ate at Sangeeta's place where we had Custard Party

The AUD3.50 lunch set i have in IKEA (if you come on Thursday u pay 3.50 for Pasta and you get to eat all you can which means u get to refill your pasta till you are satisfied)

This guy was at Rundle playing with the Keyboard and he is GOOOOOD

Well i guess this sum out all the pictures i took in Adelaide. Hope you guys really like it and to all those IMU Seremban folks happy holidaysssssss. Remember this saying, "The reason why we take a rest is so that we could continue on with our long perilous journey later", it is suppose to be in chinese and i am not a translator so this is roughly what it means, so enjoy your holidays. Crap i need to go back to my studies.

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