Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tired but Enjoyable

Urrrgh i can't believe i am actually writing this post at 2.16am when i should be reading up on breast cancer and the management and treatment for it or sleep so i could wake up early to do...... more reading.

Life so far in Adelaide.... one word TIRED. I can't believe i have been waking up at 5am in the morning to go for my ward rounds with the whole team (hey i am part of the team too, so i have to go). I can't believe i am still doing follow up for my patients, what they have gone through and all the investigations done and i still can't believe i am struggling to read the drain chart of the patient. You know how after every surgery they put a drain at the site where they did the cut, just to drain off any serous fluid or leaks. Apparently it is important to read it. They don't expect 4th years to do it but well sooner or later we have to do it, so why not learn it now right. So guess what i finally sort of master it BUT the short forms used by the doctors are annoying cause i don't know which drain bag is for which.

But no one would believe that Surgical Attachment here is so busy. I mean we go ward rounds, do patients update, go to the theatre, study, do online questions and do presentation. How much do we have to do really? Haih well 2 more weeks of surgical and off i am to med and speaking of which, history taking in Surg are usually short and concise and after 9 weeks in it, i think i have forgotten how to do a thorough full History taking for med. SHIT!!! Now i have to re-learn everything again.

Overall Surgery is fun. I helped one of the Surgeon in 2 surgeries and for the first time in my life, i hold a laparascope in hand, helping the surgeon in Appendicectomy and Cholecystectomy. Now that i think about it, maybe i do want to do it again cause when i did it last time, guess what i was so bored i almost feel asleep (SHHHHH don't tell the surgeons ok). So far my Surgical rotation is well tiring, hectic and enjoyable cause i think i do learn a lot hahahahaha.

Ok back to study and hopefully by Monday i can read the Drain Charts and figure out how much the fluid has been drained from the patients wound hahahaha. This will be my update for now. Cheers guys (Mate - So Aussie hor, i still think Manglish is better lol)

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