Thursday, July 1, 2010

Short and random weird post.

Hann Yee how did you find out i have a blog? How? How? HOW? Shit man

See my name on her blog. ooooh i saw Sow-my-aaaah name

Now i cannot make funny comments about her since she knows i have a blog. Damn it!!!!! (this blog is suppose to make funny comments about people............ ok i haven't make one yet but i will do so in the future) I wonder who told her...... or maybe she found it incidentally like those pituitary tumour which is most probably found incidentally while doing a scan.

Ok i think i better go back to my studies. These days i am so free cause i am in radiology. I haven't seen or touch a single patient so far by my own (except when i clerk patients with my prof). One of the Singaporean here told me why i got radiology. He said i am too stress up and the posting is to allow me to relax (the Singaporean i mention is not from IMU ok).

Fine back to my studies.

P.S. I shall make some funny comments next time....... maybe hann yee doesn't read this blog hehehehehe.

P.s. I am feeling better these days but i am still scared, like really scared and having random emo-ness......

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