Friday, July 16, 2010

Mua Birthday

This is MY month. Yes people i always love July cause i'm born in July, so i officially declare it as my month hahahahahahaha. Anyway did you know July was name after Julius Caesar, the great Roman leader. So interesting right hahahahahaha.

So today is my birthday and guess what, i am a year older, a year wiser and if i'm vain i'm just a step closer to having wrinkles all over my face. Ok i'll go check on the mirror for any wrinkles now................ done no wrinkles. phew.

Wonder what i can do on my birthday? Sangee just called me and wish me happy birthday (thanks a lot Sangee really nice and sweet of you). Got loads of wishes in Facebook (the power of social network) and i would like to thank them all as well. Wishes are pouring in from very old friends, old friends, moderately old friends and new friends (the four category of friends that i came out with spontenously. Wonder if i can publish it somewhere?).

So Sangee told me not to study on my birthday. In fact she told me not to do anything. Hehehehehe Sangee i would love to do that. If i were at home in Malaysia, i would just sit on the couch and watch TV the whole day. My parents would then bring me out for dinner and i could decide what i want to eat. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Thai food, Western you name it (but i can't go for indian cause my mum don't like the smell they put in the food. Said she feels nauseated smelling it). I would usually pick chinese cause it is everywhere and it's way cheaper than the others and it taste superb too.

After dinner i would come home and watch more TV shows. If you wonder where is the cake..... well my family don't go with cake hahahaha. Dad complains that the cake are too sweet these days. Mum, no complain but she doesn't know how to pick one. The only cake they knew are Black Forest (their favourite), Fruit cake (my favourite), and Cheese cake (no ones favourite). Cakes like chocolate banana and all doesn't ring a bell, but when you buy it and let them eat it they will say "Wow this is good, i really love it. Where did you get this?"

The second part of my celebration is with my friends. Sky, Qian bao, Ling Ling bao, yu gin, Kay Por, Ren Ping, Dororo, the loud and noisy MICHELLE LEE (yea you deserve some attention hahahaha) etc (there are just too many of you for me to name) will all organise a surprise or a birthday celebration for me with a cake. Usually it ends messy with your face smashed on the cake or part of the cake (wonder if they have change their style hmmmm).

Hahahahahaha this is how i celebrate my birthday back in Malaysia. It's so nostalgic!!!!

Well this will be my first birthday in a foreign land. Hope it doesn't get messy.

P.S. really miss you guys (seremban people, Aberdeen people, or wherever you are), when i come back next time we must meet up NO EXCUSES!!!!!

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