Saturday, July 24, 2010

Of Radiology and Anaesthetic

My 6 weeks of MSA (elective la) is coming to an end soon. This week will be last week of MSA and my last week in QEH, the hospital i've been going since my 1st semester.

My first elective was medical imaging aka Radiology. I was attached to the radiology registrar for 3 weeks and i think it is ok. At times it could be boring. Oh and i fell asleep in front of the consultant AGAIN (yes again this is not the first time) when he was discussing some CT scan findings with the registrar i was attached too. Hahahahahahahaha. Thinking back, i don't know why i did the sleeping in front of them. Wonder what will happened if i do the same in front of some lecturer giving us MMS session back in IMU (will i be kicked out of the session???). Here are some pictures i took when i was doing radiology.

The X-ray room with the X-ray machine

And the CT scan finding(s) show.....

After 3 weeks of radiology with no patient contact, i was literally dying to have patient contact. So i was actually looking forward to my next elective, ANAESTHETIC cause i think there would be at least some patient contact and i am going back to the THEATRE. Gosh its like doing my surgical rotation which i really enjoyed.

Anaesthetic rotation was not too bad either. At least i get to do something. I intubated a patient (it was mostly done by the registrar), gave 100ml of panadol to the patient and mix granisetron and dexamethasone and gave it to the patient as anti-emetic. I love the registrar for allowing me to do all this. The registrar also bombarded me with so many questions not on drugs and pharmacology but on physiology and ECG (die die die). Oh and guess what, one of the IMU (super) senior is a registrar in anesthetic. She is more to intensive care medicine registrar but as part of her training as an intensivist she has to do her anaesthetic rotation. According to her, anaesthetist are weirdo and even the anaesthetist know that they are weird LOL. Ok here are some pictures i took when i was standing there doing nothing.

The monitoring/ breathing machine!!!

Paracetamol (BIG PANADOL)

Drugs, try guessing the name of the white drug

More drugs

Tomorrow is my last day in QEH and anaesthetic. Guess i will go for one more surgery before i go off. Gosh i am gonna miss that hospital. Made so many new friends there. Next rotation is Orthopaedics in Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH).

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