Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Template-EMO

I seem to have neglect my blog long enough. I haven't got any topic to write on lately. When i login today i found out that there are new templates for selection and so i chose this new template cause i think it's nice. Not too "much" or too "little" if you know what i mean.

I went back to Malaysia for 2 weeks and four days before i came back to Adelaide. It was supposed to be a fun and happy trip initially cause i am going back to my HOME and i could eat all my favourite food. Then something happened and the whole holiday was not that enjoyable any more. It literally changed from what could have been a great trip to a trip which was full of stress and emo-ness.

I was craving for Malaysian food when i was in Adelaide and I told myself i would have 5 meals a day when i am back in Malaysia. But all these came to not. I was in such a bad mood when i came back that i just had 3 meals a day instead of the 5 which i vow to do. The holidays wasn't any special either. I was locked up in my room reading and studying and talking to my friend in Adelaide all the time. (except for a few hours of watching HK drama which i miss so much)

Now that i am back in Adelaide, i think the stress level is higher than when i first came. There are so many changes i have to make (yea i knew i have to change when i first came but....... well the story is long and i don't even know why i did not change in the end, haih). Everything does not feel the same compared to when i first came. When i went out with my friends from IMU, they were literally talking about their holidays and how they enjoyed it while i was sitting there like some stranger from another world. Cause to tell the truth, i think my holiday was not that great apart from being with my family.

Ok this is an Emo post i realise, but hey people have their ups and downs and i'm now in the down side of things. Oh well i better get back to work with the big word "CHANGE" at the back of my mind (work hard, and work smart).

P.S. I find that being around with my friends is not like what it used to be, i don't know why. I felt stupid when i am with them, like real stupid!!!!!!

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