Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quick Update

Well just a quick update on my attachment in Adelaide. Internal Med is hectic. Tuts here and there and not to mention i wasted 5 weeks not learning anything (its a long story no point talking about it)

Love Respi rounds and my registrar. Even though he is busy preparing for his physician exam, he still took some time off and go through respi examination with us.... oh and he asked us to perform it in front of the consultant tomorrow (now this part is not that fun). Asked him about the management of asthma and STEMI and NSTEMI....... but when it comes to the heart i believe the cardiologist consultant is much better in it.

OSCE on Friday as our end of rotation exam. Heard everyone will pass but i think it is better to be prepared for it. Oh and tomorrow have to meet up with another doc from who knows which hospital for history taking practise and clinical reasoning and it is just for two of us........ i think my fees is well spent.

Since no one is reading this blog i shall curse a bit. What the "tooot" is that stupid she man cooking. Shim always cook so looooooong. I am hungry and he is taking Her/is time cooking. Damn. I have to freaking read my LFT and look through the ECGs for OSCE and the blood films for leukaemias and he is still cooking. (I shall now ask for forgiveness for cursing people. God, please forgive me)

I am so dead for ECG!!!!!

Ok i shall go now. WOOOOHOOOOO i am so excited hahahahahahaha

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