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Realising that my previous post topic should be QEH instead of surgical rotation, hence i decided to put this post as QEH the name of the hospital i am currently still in (damn i am going to get so used to this hospital). Anyway as i said in my previous post i shall give a small talk on my surgical rotation and realising that most probably no one will read it cause everyone is so busy these days (actually i am busy too, that is why i am blogging now before all those crazy evidence based medicine, research proposal and studying to show what IMU student are made of comes), so i think i can type a looooooong post or maybe i should do some venting of all the stress here.

Surgical posting i dare say have given me different experiences. I think my previous post mention i was post at colorectal unit and Upper GI the 2 most hectic posting, guess what turns out i am wrong for the 1st part. Colorectal is such a slacky unit hahahahahaha, patient are less but the RMOs are very keen in teaching so sometimes we follow him to the ED and clerk a patient and present it to him. He will than ask for our differential and we will give him the answer even though it is a very stupid answer. The interns are also very keen in teaching too. One of them even brought all his text books for us to borrow home, so nice right. The best part is when they are to perform a procedure such as inserting a catheter or a NGT they will bring us along to observe. Oh and not to forget taking blood which i am still very bad at and doing Jelco (the slang here in South Australia which means IV cannula). Ward round in surg starts at 7.30am and my consulant ward round is at 11am every Monday and Friday. So yea guess this is it for my first posting for 4 weeks (sorry no pic of the team).

So the next team i am posted to is Upper GI/Professorial surgery. One word when i was about to go for it. DIE!!!!! the busiest ward in the whole Surgical division cause it also covers for general surgery too, i have to go for ward round at 7.30am and 7am on Monday and Wednesday. Sometimes there is so many patients that the ward round last from 7.30am to 11am for a surg ward round (its consider a long ward round for a surgical unit). We walked from 2nd floor to the to the 2nd floor at the old wing where the ICU is located, then to Emergency department at ground floor to see all the patients. Worst is i have to cover or clerk every patient to do case presentation to the consultants on Wednesday where we have our consultant rounds. We are expected to present how the patient performed throughout the week and what are their treatment plans, the investigations they have gone and the results of the investigations if there is any. The most many patients i have to present was 8 patient. Luckily the 6th years did help me out and divide the patient equally among them. Oh and did i mention that i have to be there in the hospital by 6.30am before the ward round start which is at 7am just to check on how my patient is doing which include their obs (Temp+O2 saturation+drain output from wound+BP), and the result of any investigations which include X-ray and CT scan which were not out on Tuesday.

After Consultant round on Wednesday, we would have MDM, multidisciplinary meeting between surgeons, oncologist and radiologist than i have to go for OPD (out patient department) to clerk patient, do a PE and present it to the consultants again. haih

But at the end of my posting at this unit, i kinda have a 'miss you' feeling. Maybe cause i am too used to it. After the 2nd week in the unit my crazy mind started to make me enjoy the posting hahahahahahaha. Must be crazy already.

For this posting i manage to take a incomplete team photo which i have it on FB for a very long time. Well might as well show it here too.

So shall i introduce the Upper GI team. From left is Dr Markus, the doc from Switzerland who came here for experience purposes i think. Nice Doc who will quickly come in and help me or generally help me when he sense i am in trouble during consultant round. Next to him is Associate Prof Vijay from India who came here for a different sort of experience. A fast thinker who can associate symptoms and conditions quickly in split seconds and taught me and answer all my real stupid questions. The lady in black is Dr Tiffany the registrar of Upper GI, she is very good and taught me stuff too and i really respect her for specialising in Surgery. She shows that nothing is impossible in this world. The guy next to me is an IMU grad who went to Auckland, Dr Wong aka JT (that is wat i call him). Very nice boss who always teaches me stuff and ask me to look up stuff but ended up forgetting to ask me hahahahahahaha (so i usually did not look it up, shhhhhhh don't tell him) and me of course. There is 2 more interns who is not around but they taught me a lot too and let me try some hands on sometimes.

Oh well guess that it is, now in Med posting with the local students. Now i am seeing the real world. Back to my research proposal (i am SICK of doing pubmed search already)!!!!

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